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SETXNP Committee and Board meetings 2016-2017

Posted about 2 years ago by April Cockerham

Just as a reminder, committee meetings for the SETXNP association will be held immediately following our monthly meeting this month on Oct 19th. If you're interested in signing up for a committee you can still do so at the meeting. Also, the Board of Directors will meet prior to the monthly meeting at 5:30. We are trying to coordinate committee and board meetings with regular monthly meets for the convenience of our members. Committee and board meetings will only meet quarterly and will be scheduled with our January, April, and July monthly meetings. (Jan 19, 2017, April 20, 2017, and July 20, 2017). The Board of Directors will meet always meet at 5:30pm prior to 6 o'clock meet and committee meetings will commence immediately following our guest speaker. For more information you can email me at or message me on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!! FYI we have 8 committees and it only takes 1 to look good on your resume. Student members are welcome to serve and sit on our committees but are not eligible to chair a committee.