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2014 Election Update from TNP

Posted about 4 years ago by Jennifer East

What a night – for Texas Republicans. Just an hour after polls closed the Associated Press called all statewide races for the Republicans. Democrats believed that Wendy Davis would offer them a real opportunity but in the end, her margin of defeat was WORSE than anyone expected. In fact, Democrat Ag candidate Jim Hogan, who did not campaign AT ALL, did just as well (or bad) as Senator Davis picking up only 38% of the vote. Let that sink in.

In the Texas House, Republicans picked up enough seats to where they now have 98 of 150 legislative districts. The BIG win was in Senate District 10 currently held by Senator Wendy Davis. Republican Konni Burton – endorsed by the TNP PAC - won the seat in convincing fashion. This was the only swing district in the Senate and gives the Republicans a big leg up as they head into the next legislative session. Dan Patrick will takeover in January as the new Lt. Governor, and with him, 20 of the 31-member body will be Republicans.

During the past 18 months, our membership has been more active than ever before, out campaigning for candidates and meeting and getting to know their legislative leaders. Prefiling of legislation for the 84th Legislature is November 10, 2014. The 84th Texas Legislature begins January 13, 2015. We need every TNP member getting out and visiting with their state legislator before they head to Austin for session. With so many new legislators arriving in Austin, we have a real opportunity to make inroads. Let's not waste the opportunity to make some real progress. Get your colleagues involved and take them with you to meet with your state legislator. Give me a call or email and I will schedule your meetings.

See you all in Austin!

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