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Please Spread the Word and Sign-Full Practice Authority Petition

Posted almost 4 years ago by Jennifer East

Our petition/email effort is really make an impact. We have 2021 signatures and have generated 1195 email into the Texas House of Representatives. But we can't stop now. One thing we are hearing over and over from legislator offices is that we are really causing a stir ————— AND IN A GOOD WAY!

Please continue trying to gather signatures and email from folks. They are telling us that this is giving them cover against TMA. Get your parents, spouses, and other family and friends to sign and email. We are really making some inroads and Bell's office wants us to redouble our efforts.

We had a round of negotiations with TMA today and the basically told Representative Bell that they oppose and will actively oppose HB 1885 even though they noted that they don't believe it will go anywhere. Bell believes differently and is fighting for us. So gather those signatures!!!!!!!!!

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